Q: What the heck is a Mei Dean and how do you pronounce it?
A: It’s a full stack marketer with a background in design and software development.  It rhymes with “May Queen” and looks like this:

Q: How’d you get started in tech?
A: Early adopter.  When I was nine, I was given a Tandy 1000 EX personal computer with a 7.16 MHz 8088 and 5.25″ floppy drive.  The next few years were spent poring over black-and-white spiral-bound manuals; I made a crude dating sim in BASIC, complete with soundtrack (sorry, Club Nouveau!) and terrible ASCII art.  My parents disapproved of the amount of time I was spending indoors, effectively guaranteeing a future career in the video game industry.

Q: How does Quality Assurance relate to Public Relations?  How do both relate to design?
A: They work toward the same end: a positive experience. I have organized playtests and given/collected feedback at all levels. Once a product is shipped, QA has the intimate familiarity that PR should be armed with. I’m the shortest path to that intersection. If things are running smoothly, sure, I’d be delighted to fix your website!  Thanks for asking.

Q: Favorite book on marketing?
A: I’m fond of Gary Vaynerchuk; I like the way he thinks and his emphasis on the practical and technical.  Al Ries and Jack Trout’s Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind is my favorite classic.

Q: How deep does your web pedigree go?
A: My past HTML/CSS skills take a back seat to my recent clients’ WordPress preference.  I’m more suitable for maintenance and tweaks than a full redesign, but I’ve worked with some very talented designers and would be happy to refer, or to work with yours.  I’m always down to learn new things.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: Hiking, reading, music, movies and gaming!  I own enough books and CDs to soundproof a few rooms, and I’m GameFrau on Steam, Switch and the PlayStation Network.  I also enjoy dancing, playing the piano and international films.

Q: I’d like to ask you some illegal questions!
A: Cool!  42, married, no kids, no interest in kids, loves dogs, homeowner, 5’9″, 170, INTJ, Scorpio, mutt, no dietary restrictions and I favor the Everett Herald.  I own suits but can do jeans.